If I transfer my existing landline phone service to Empire, do I have to change my number?

No, your current phone number can be transferred when you switch to us.

Do you offer unlimited calling?

Yes, we offer plans with unlimited nationwide calling within the continental United States.

I have read a great deal lately about the privacy and security of phone records. What is Empire’s policy on this?

Empire is compliant with CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information) rules and regulations set by state and federal authorities. Your information remains private.

Do you offer voice mail?

Yes, we offer basic and enhanced voice mail service.

How do I setup voice mail on my Empire phone?

The following instructions will guide you through voice mail setup on your phone line.

1. For Voice Mail to answer when your telephone line is busy, press *90, listen for stutter dial tone then press *11, wait for Voice Mail to answer and then hang up.

2. For your Voice Mail to answer when you don’t answer the telephone, press *92 and wait for stutter dial tone. Then press 4*11, wait for Voice Mail to answer and then hang up. (The 4 stands for the number of times your telephone will ring before Voice Mail answers. It can be set from 2–8. Just replace the number you want for the 4.)

3. Dial *11, listen to directions and when prompted for password, press 0000.

4. Press 4 to change personal options and follow procedures to change your password and record a greeting. Recording a name is optional. When someone leaves you a message you will have stutter dial tone when you pick up your telephone to make a call.

To Check Your Messages From Your Telephone:

  1. Press *11
  2. As soon as you hear your message start, press #.
  3. Then enter your password.
  4. Follow instructions from your Voice Mail.
  5. When you save or delete your messages, your stutter dial tone will go away.

NOTE: Some customers may be asked to provide voice mail box numbers. This means your telephone number.

To Turn Off Your Voice Mail:

  • To stop Voice Mail from answering when your line is busy, press *91 and listen for stutter dial tone.
  • To stop Voice Mail from answering when no one answers your line, press *93 and listen for stutter dial tone.
  • When pressing *90, *91 or *93 and you get a bus