Common questions and informed answers about fiber optics, fiber optic connections and Internet service from Empire Access.

What is fiber optic technology and how does it work?

Fiber optic technology uses strands of pure glass to transmit data via light waves. Fiber is the best choice for digital communications, such as high-speed Internet and digital TV, and capable of much greater bandwidth than other technologies.

How is fiber optic service from Empire different from service from a cable company?

Traditional communications companies use copper lines to transfer their signal to your home or business. Empire is the area’s only provider that uses 100% fiber optics – all the way to your home or business, eliminating the interferences that can occur with copper connections.

Copper is susceptible to heat, weather and many other environmental factors, such as electromagnetic interference, which can interfere with your connection. Many weather conditions may affect the signal entering your home or business, causing slower downloading speeds.

These copper networks also have active electronics as part of the system so signal distortion, loss of data and general degradation of quality can occur. Fiber optics networks do not have these limitations.

In terms of uploading speeds, the velocity of fiber optics cannot be matched. As traditional copper lines focus much of their bandwidth on sending signals out, they’re extremely limited in terms of uploading new information.

Does the speed, quality, and dependability of my fiber optic service depend on my home's location in the network?

No. You will experience exceptional speeds, service quality and dependability, no matter where your home is located within our fiber optics service area. Unlike DSL, your distance from the source has no bearing on the quality or speed of service.