When it comes to providing internet, there are two main options for consumers: Cable and fiber optic. Cable came first and was a reliable provider for many decades, but more recently, fiber optic has become more and more available. In this article, we’ll be going over just what fiber optic offers, and how it has improved over cable.

To start with, fiber optic is a much less intrusive product than traditional cable. Whereas cable can be quite bulky, fiber optic wires are as thin as a piece of hair. It’s also cheaper. While the upfront cost may seem a bit higher, fiber optic is more durable and not susceptible to electric interference, meaning that its maintenance costs will be far lower over time. That, and the light used inside fiber optic cables means that if any breakages occur, it will be easy to identify where it is.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to benefits. For one thing, fiber can transmit information far faster than traditional cable. Whereas cable typically gets around 100 Megabits per second in an ideal scenario, fiber optic can reach upwards of 2 Gigabits, or nearly 20 times as fast. Fiber also has a much greater bandwidth than traditional cable. And in terms of security, fiber is far better. It is harder to intercept signals that are transmitted through light (compared to electrical signals in typical cable) and thus harder for hackers to break into.

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Fiber connectivity is amazing, and so are the folks who brought it to my house, and keep it running smoothly. As always, especially when I have the luxury of not thinking about it at all, you have my thanks.

- Jason T., Big Flats, NY
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We are very thankful to Empire Access for selecting our area to be our service provider for fiber optic high speed internet and phone service. We are very happy with the speed that they provide along with the unlimited data. My husband and myself were very impressed with everyone that we dealt with…

- Veda M., Elmira, NY
Happy Fiber Customer

I have to say that everyone that I have dealt with at Empire has been top notch… At times, I felt like we were their only customer. As far as the Fiber is concerned, it gives us reliability that we have not had — ever — and the speed that we desperately lacked…

- Joe C., Hunt Hollow Ski Club, Naples, NY
Hunt Hollow Ski Club, Naples, NY

When Empire came into my neighborhood, I decided to give them a shot. So grateful I did. Besides the LIGHTNING fast speeds, my favorite thing about Empire is their incredible customer service… Can’t say enough good things about Empire Access. I’ve loved every day I’ve been able to use their internet services…

- Steve A.

I would just like to add that I am very happy that I changed providers! It’s so nice to get a real person who can answer my picky little questions right away without having to wait, thank you for everything.

- Sidney P., Hornell, NY
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They got everything running in no time and were super helpful in setting up my home and answering questions. I truly appreciate the great service.

- Eric M., Corning, NY
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