Empire Access Begins Broadband Construction in Scranton

Fastest Internet in the Northeast expected to complete 86-mile fiber build in 2023 Scranton, PA, September 27, 2023 – Empire Access, a fiber internet service provider declared the fastest internet in the Northeast, recently broke ground on its 86-mile fiber optic expansion into Scranton, Pennsylvania. The first 86 mile buildout will be completed by the […]

Bloomfield to Receive Broadband Internet by Empire Access

Fastest Internet in the Northeast Increases New York Footprint Bloomfield, NY, September 20, 2023 – Empire Access, a fiber internet service provider declared the fastest internet in the Northeast, is expanding its broadband network into Bloomfield, New York. With the expansion to be completed in the Fall of 2023, homeowners and businesses alike will have […]

Empire Access Expands Services Across Elmira, New York

Fastest Internet in the Northeast is coming to North, South, and the City of Elmira Elmira, NY, August 22, 2023 – Empire Access, a fiber internet service provider declared the fastest internet in the Northeast, is expanding its broadband internet services around Elmira, including North Elmira, South Elmira, and the City of Elmira, New York. […]

Empire Access Brings Fiber Optic Services to Erie, Pennsylvania

Businesses and Homeowners will have access to the Fastest Internet in the Northeast Erie, PA, August 10, 2023 – Empire Access, a fiber internet service provider declared the fastest internet in the Northeast, announces expansion of services to Erie, Pennsylvania. Erie home and business owners will have access to award-winning internet, streaming, phone, and security […]

Fright-Free Fiber Internet

Don’t Get Tricked — The Right In-Home Fiber Internet Can Be a Treat First things first — in-home internet is essential. Phones, tablets, TVs, smart devices, video-enabled doorbells, and more depend on a reliable internet connection to function correctly. Choosing the right provider can seem frightening at first. It doesn’t have to be. We’ve collected […]

Getting to Know the Empire Access Team

Meet Jane Andreason Community and commitment — two things Empire Access and Jane Andreason have in common. When she was first starting out, Empire was known by a different name — North Penn Telephone — and most of the customers she spoke with lived nearby. The kind of explosive growth that propelled the company to […]

Beat the Heat with Fiber Gaming

The Ultimate Upgrade for the Serious Player As the relentless summer sun beats down, there’s no better escape than the cool haven of your room. The air conditioner hums in the background, setting the perfect atmosphere for a long gaming session. It’s a familiar scene: the atmosphere is thick with anticipation. You’re deep in the […]

Ace your Connection: Why Fiber is the Best Back-to-School Upgrade

Gear up for back-to-school season with the first part of our three-part series dedicated to upgrading your internet experience. In an increasingly digital world, your choice of internet service is as critical as picking the perfect backpack.  Our series will focus on the benefits of fiber internet over traditional cable internet, looking at aspects like […]

Watch Out for Scammers

Red Fiber Optic

In today’s digital age, scams and fraudulent activities have become increasingly sophisticated and prevalent. From phishing emails to fake online stores, scammers are constantly finding new ways to deceive unsuspecting victims. As consumers, it’s crucial to be vigilant and well-informed to protect ourselves from falling into their traps. Spotting the Red Flags Unauthorized Use of […]

Brush With Kindness

Empire Access Prattsburgh, NY Clean Up

“As our hometown, Prattsburgh holds a special place in our hearts, making our participation in this even even more significant!”

Award-Winning Internet Service Provider

Empire Access continues to win accolades for our unwavering commitment to excellence.

When Empire came into my neighborhood, I decided to give them a shot. So grateful I did. Besides the LIGHTNING fast speeds, my favorite thing about Empire is their incredible customer service … can’t say enough good things about Empire Access. I’ve loved every day I’ve been able to use their internet services…

- Steve A.

I have to say that everyone that I have dealt with at Empire has been top notch… At times, I felt like we were their only customer. As far as the Fiber is concerned, it gives us reliability that we have not had — ever — and the speed that we desperately lacked…

- Joe C., Hunt Hollow Ski Club, Naples, NY
Hunt Hollow Ski Club, Naples, NY

I would just like to add that I am very happy that I changed providers! It’s so nice to get a real person who can answer my picky little questions right away without having to wait, thank you for everything.

- Sidney P., Hornell, NY
Young Woman Smiling

Fiber connectivity is amazing, and so are the folks who brought it to my house and keep it running smoothly. As always, especially when I have the luxury of not thinking about it at all, you have my thanks.

- Jason T., Big Flats, NY
Happy Fiber Customer

They got everything running in no time and were super helpful in setting up my home and answering questions. I truly appreciate the great service.

- Eric M., Corning, NY
Smiling Man

We are very thankful to Empire Access for selecting our area to be our service provider for fiber optic high speed internet and phone service. We are very happy with the speed they provide along with the unlimited data. My husband and myself were very impressed with everyone that we dealt with…

- Veda M., Elmira, NY
Happy Fiber Customer

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